Finch's Story


Claire Morgan, Founder of Finch Cashmere

Finch Cashmere Founder Claire Morgan’s first  introduction to cashmere was her classic round necked cardigan which was only aired on high days and holidays.  As times have changed and cashmere designs and colours have become more exciting and available, the once ‘round-neck cardigan’ has morphed into an array of key wardrobe staples

Having realised the benefits of cashmere in Claire’s wardrobe it soon became apparent that the feather light comfort and additional warmth was something no other knit could rival.

Finch Cashmere has been designed to fulfil all wardrobe needs and is of the very best quality; not only does the 100% cashmere yarn from Loro Piana lift the spirit, and keep the body warm but it feeds the eye lending a soft, flattering and luxurious glow. 

‘I believe that quality cashmere can be worn continually and is not the preserve of special occasions.  With this driver, the essence of my ‘every day’ collection is practical luxury.  Cashmere garments are hugely versatile; a mere tweak of accessories will cover many occasions but married with a modern edge can give it a current look.’  Claire Morgan, Founder of Finch.

Finch Cashmere – The Brand Story

It was a very simple decision for Claire Morgan to rename her beautiful cashmere brand from Plum to Finch; simply, there were too many ‘Plums’ out there. 

‘My collections are neat and carefully chosen, changing annually and needing a unique voice; hence Finch Cashmere was born.  You may ask why ‘Finch’?  This delightful, little hedgerow bird captures the heart of the collection – a classic that works every day, comes in many glorious hues and with a beautiful song that makes you smile.’

The Team

Claire Morgan

Emilie Prior

who constructed the website and helps with all facets of Finch. As Executive Assistant to the Headmistress of St Helen and St Katharine 'most of the time', Emilie enjoys being Claire's wingwoman; talking all things cashmere!






Anna Lewin

Anna is our gorgeous model but in 'real life' the PR Director of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare (  A luxury probiotic range infused with BioOrganic botanical ingredients. Fabulous products that are making a great impression within the highly competitive skincare industry.  It is of the highest quality and thoroughly addictive. 





Lou Eastham

Lou Eastham


Jake & Lou Eastham

Jake, our photographer (The Banksy of the Photographic world who refuses to have his picture taken) and Lou (his wife & stylist) whose help is invaluable.  Just take a minute to look at Jake's breath-taking portfolio of on-line photographs. (




Emily jarvis

Emily, our graphic designer and her company 8foot3 ( have been an invaluable collaborative support in rebranding the business.  She adroitly captured the essence of our brand in the logo and much more. 

Cashmere Care

Cashmere knitwear can be dry-cleaned or handwashed.  Please refer to our manufacturer's label.

For hand washing use a luke warm water with a mild detergent.  Do not stretch, rub or wring the garment.  Rinse thoroughly in clean luke warm water and squeeze the excess water out without distorting the knit.  Smooth out the garment to its original shape on a clean towel to dry at room temperature away from direct heat.  Do not tumble dry.

Should pressing be required, use a cloth and a cool iron.

Just a little tip from a friend's immaculate grandmother who always held the view that cashmere garments should not be worn on consecutive days but alternated with another therefore allowing the garment to relax back to its original shape.

Moths like cashmere just as much as we do so zip-lock plastic bags are essential!

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The information we collect on this site includes any personal details you provide to us such as your name, address and email address. We do not sell or pass on your personal information to any other parties for commercial use.

You may at any time request us to make available a copy of the personal information we hold about you. Such a request, together with any other queries you have in relation to your personal data should be emailed to us.

Product Descriptions

We have made every effort to make sure our product information is accurate. However, discrepancies can occur. For instance, whilst every attempt has been made to reproduce colours faithfully, because cashmere is a natural fibre there may be a slight difference between batches, so the colour in the brochure may differ fractionally from the colour of the garment.

Our Cashmere garments are put together by hand, so you may find some small irregularities